‘Effective Coaching Skills’ Workday – Level 1 and 2

The Enrollment Skills Workday
September 3, 2018
Train the Trainer
September 3, 2018
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In every area of our lives where performance counts, coaching is a key to success. The world’s greatest performers, athletes, musicians, actors and business people, all have mentors or coaches: Professionals who are committed to their highest possibility and challenge them to achieve their best.

In Level 1 we will train you in the fundamentals of effective coaching and how to support others in producing breakthrough results in their lives.

In Level 2 we go deeper into the intangibles of being a powerful coach. What are the ‘ways of being’ of world class coaches and how do you learn to incorporate those distinctions into your coaching and broader relationships as well.


Prerequisites : Graduate of the Leadership Program (or currently in an LP)

Course Schedule : This training runs from 10am – 6pm and involves interactive discussions, ‘on the court’ coaching activities and video feedback to enhance your skills of listening and powerful communication.

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