The Enrollment Skills Workday

One-on-One Personalized Coaching
September 3, 2018
‘Effective Coaching Skills’ Workday – Level 1 and 2
September 3, 2018
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“Enrollment is everywhere – and becoming masterful opens doors in all areas of your life.”

This one-day training will enhance your skills of enrollment and your ability to create value in every conversation. You will sharpen your listening skills and distinguish what works and what doesn’t.

Also listening is a central component of enrollment so you will sharpen your skills at listening, being present and creating the results you want. You will move forward with your career, family relationships and all areas in your life that involve relationships.

You will :

  • Be more effective at producing the results you want in your career
  • Enhance your skills of communication with your family and community
  • Master conversations of enrollment into the Synergy Basic

Prerequisite : The Basic Workshop
Workday Schedule : TBD, 10am – 5pm

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