Mastering Enrollment – Level 1, 2 and 3

Enrollment is everywhere – and becoming masterful creates amazing results in all areas of your life!

Through this 3-level training (1 day per month) you will enhance your ability to create value in every conversation and get the results you want. Since listening is a central component of enrollment we will train you to sharpen those skills, be present (and not distracted) and make sure you are being clearly understood. We will use something real in your life as the proxy for this training – meaning everyone will create a breakthrough result through effective enrollment.

Ultimately, You will move forward with your career, family relationships and all areas in your life where powerful connection is key.

Through this 3-level training You will:

  • Be more effective at producing the results you want in your career
  • Enhance your skills of communication with your family, friends and community
  • Master conversations of enrollment into the Synergy Basic and breakthrough anything in the way

Prerequisite: The Advanced Course

Tuition: Free

Level 1: September 7th (Saturday), 10am – 6pm

Level 2: October 5th (Saturday), 10am – 6pm

Level 3: November 9th (Saturday), 10am – 6pm

Note: All 3 levels are necessary for attendance

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