Masters Leadership (MLP1) Oct 2020

This is the newest jewel in the crown.

All the groundwork has been set. We’ve completed the past, we’ve discovered who we are, then what’s a leader to do? After you’ve learned you can stretch where do you go?
After you’ve made all those declarations during LP where do all those declarations go? What’s your structure for fulfilling that? How do you live into that future for yourself and the world.

You know you can create what you want and you know you can stretch. How do you take all the things you’ve learned and move with momentum to bigger and bigger things?

This is no longer a conversation of personal transformation. This is not about insights, how you feel about things, it’s about the meaning of your life. And it’s the chance to be around people who are up to the same thing.

During the Journey of Mastery you created and defined your personal legacy. You created specific goals and outcomes for the next decade while standing in that future. The MLP provides a fresh structure with accountability partners to fulfill on that legacy and bring those pages to reality. You will be working present day but with a vision into the next decade of your life.

You will be part of a Masters Group and as a collective, you will be living inside of the next decade of intentions, promises and structure.

You will establish accountability partners for years beyond the curriculum to hold each other accountable for all your dreams and vision.

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