The Synergy Train The Trainer 7

This is a 5-month “front of the room”, intensive skills training for graduates of the Synergy Journey of Mastery. Participants will increase their skill set as dynamic and powerful public speakers. They will learn to powerfully transfer the fundamental distinctions of transformation to others to open people’s eyes and provide breakthroughs.

Developing this mastery offers incredible benefits both personally and professionally. You will confront fears or doubts you may have and become natural, authentic and enrolling as you lead groups through numerous conversations of inquiry.

This program is highly beneficial for executives, business leaders, sales professionals and anyone who delivers presentations. If you’re committed to leading any part of the Synergy curriculum this is essential.

Specifically, Train the Trainer involves 5 sessions of 1 and ½ days, approximately 4 weeks apart. There will also be evening classrooms twice between these sessions. There will be one-on-one coaching, audio/visual demonstrations, video coaching with feedback and individual work in front of the room. Train the Trainer is limited to 20 participants and through an application process.

2020 Dates:

Weekend Sessions: April 17, 18;     May 8, 9;     June 12, 13:     July 17, 18:     August 7, 8
Evening Classroom Sessions: April 22, 29, May 20, June 3, 23, July 1, 28, August 5

Prerequisites : The Synergy Journey of Mastery
Tuition : $2,995 paid in full, non-refundable
Deposit to hold a spot : $995, non-refundable

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