Synergy Education offers a 4 part, core curriculum. This structure has been designed and refined after working with tens of thousands of people from varying cultures and backgrounds worldwide. Our experience has shown the value of this curriculum lasts a lifetime.

While there are 4 parts to the curriculum, each program stands powerfully on its own. Our flagship program is The Synergy Basic, that impacts areas vital to your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

We also offer a variety of One-on-One Coaching packages, a Train the Trainer Program, Men’s and Women’s Groups and numerous Graduate Workshops.


*Synergy’s Transfer and Refund Policy

1. All tuitions are non-refundable

2. All discounted tuitions are non-transferable

3. Synergy’s Money-Back Guarantee for the Basic applies to programs in New York City only. This does not apply to “out of area” programs