Synergy Youth Empowerment

Our children are the most precious resource we have. Synergy Youth Empowerment is a non-profit organization that offers workshops for Pre-Teens (ages 7-12) and Teens (ages 13-17).

The Synergy Youth Empowerment Curriculum is a safe and educational environment where we train, educate and interact with teens to bring out their true leadership potential, challenge fundamental assumptions that shape their actions and learn to be unstoppable in the face of any circumstance. This program provides them the opportunity to understand that they “matter” thereby empowering them to take on opportunities, challenges, and possibilities in an inspired way so they get to make a difference in the world.

In the Synergy Youth Empowerment Curriculum, teen participants will learn:

  • How to overcome the challenge of peer pressure and self-identity.
  • How to deal more effectively with the experience of feeling “overwhelmed”, and to move forward in an unstoppable manner
  • How to effectively recognize limiting beliefs and actions, and to move to a level of productive and constructive decision making
  • How to communicate in a more practical and beneficial way so that they can effectively and more cooperatively navigate their relationships

Our vision is to inspire our young adults to live with the courage, passion, and conviction to create a life of meaning and purpose. We create leaders who deliver extraordinary results in their communities, families and personal lives.

Please support Synergy Youth Empowerment so that our teens can be unstoppable starting now!

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