Be Powerful.
Be Disciplined.
Be Focused.
Be Grateful.
Be Self-Aware.
Be Synergy.


Synergy Education’s programs offer tools you can immediately implement, for overcoming personal obstacles and removing blind spots. You gain insights for designing your own brand of leadership and learn how to shift from reactive or defensive modes into creative, impactful actions in any situation.

We are known around the globe as a leader in personal development and self-awareness education. Our programs are cutting edge, and our consistent quality is second to none. While the core principles of our work extend back through the years, our innovation and constant evolution is unmatched.

“The Synergy Basic – Level 1” is the beginning of our 5-level, Core Curriculum, intended for everyone looking to enhance his or her skills of leadership, partnership, and productivity. You will learn to shift your effectiveness and impact in life while remaining true to your highest standards and ideals.


Free Discovery Session

A 90-minute discovery session to learn more about what the Synergy curriculum has to offer... (Read More)

Synergy Basic - Level 1

Experience a series of masterfully conceived and executed activities and conversations...
(Read More)

Synergy Advanced - Level 2

Undergo a life-defining experience that you will never forget! ... (Read More)

Leadership Program - Level 3

This program supports you in the integration of powerful structures and support the production of unprecedented results! ... (Read More)

Journey of Mastery - Level 4

Ignite your learning and comprehension and experience rapid growth ...
(Read More)

Living Your Legacy - Level 5

Encounter a robust framework for designing your life that will endure for decades ...
(Read More)

Be Purposeful.
Be Positive.
Be Happy.
Be Healthy.
Be Present.
Be Synergy.

OUR PROGRAMS ARE attended by a diverse group of people from all locations, backgrounds, cultures and educational levels. Introspection is the raw material for personal greatness, and our highly focused workshops unlock your ability to be an empowering partner in all aspects of your life.

Our unique and powerful curriculum is founded in experiential learning. Studies have shown that participants in experiential learning situations retain nearly two-thirds of the information learned as compared to only 10% from lecture-based settings.

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