This is where new possibilities are created! If you could enhance your effectiveness, where would you like to see an impact: your career, education, family, relationships, health, community, and contribution? What would happen if you could shift your attitude and your effectiveness in one weekend? What if you could discover some of your blind spots that are in the way of what you want?

Synergy offers pragmatic tools that last a lifetime. It’s not about magic or unrealistic hopes. It is about building a life by design and creating your own personal brand of leadership.

We investigate life’s big questions and move through the following stages:
A) concepts and data
B) learning through experience
C) development of personal knowledge
D) ultimately a practical shared wisdom for your world and your impact

Our unique and powerful curriculum has a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Studies have shown that participants in experiential learning situations retain nearly two-thirds of the information.

Direct quotes from our graduates:

- Education for the heart, soul and spirit. Bridging the gaps to possibilities!
- An extraordinary, life-changing, life-affirming experience. My only regret was that you weren’t around 40 years ago.
- Amazed, humbled and empowered by my experience.
- This has been the biggest gift I’ve given myself, and my loved ones. A life changing, eye-opening, powerful experience.
- Do it. You’re worth it.
- Amazing, powerful, outrageous place to be. Your life starts NOW!!!
- What would happen if you could shift your attitude, approach and expectations in a matter of seconds! This is what I learned and embraced through Synergy.
- Why settle for anything less than your best? Doesn’t make sense. Unleash the beast at Synergy!

What would you create? What difference would you make? What legacy will you leave?


NEW! The Synergy Journey of Mastery

To learn more, watch the video below or visit the Graduate Center.

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