The power of building communities
In today’s world you have to master the art of building loyal communities. From your business model to your marketing and products, engaging your community is a vital tool. Uncover the best ways to turn customers into engaged community members who buy into your mission, not just your products.

Become a smart purpose-driven business
People today are more multi-dimensional than ever before, wearing many different hats, and aspiring for more than just a paycheck. Building a game-changing, purpose driven business is what everyone’s looking for today.

Connections, value, & experiences
Access trumps ownership in this New Shared Economy and it’s no longer about how much stuff we have but the quality of the experiences we are living. Discover the power of sharing your unique voice and message through storytelling, social media, crowdsourcing, and working with the right influencers.

Hackers, makers, and millennials
In this exciting new world where we can 3D print our ideas into reality, we need to develop a fresh mindset so we run a Smart Business. Get ready to learn the 3 magic words that transform lifestyle and business models in the New Shared Economy and why bringing “serious playfulness” into the workplace has never been more important.

Turn your world inside out
“Inside out” is not just the transformational personal process that creative people go through, but also a great branding strategy achieved by bringing what’s hidden to the forefront. After all, sometimes running a lean business can make it more robust and sometimes it is that reduction which may lead to a whole new set of successful products and services. Lifestyle is way more than drinking coconuts on an island or something that you save up for during the weekends and holidays. Lifestyle is the ability to smartly weave together different dimensions of life and business in a way that serves both the people and the organization as a whole. For some it means working 12 hours a day in the office, and for others, it means traveling the globe.

Energy is a Resource Too
More than ever before, we have to smartly manage our energy so we can balance working hard with working smart and truly be passionate about the art we create. Learning to work with purpose and intention, allows us to discover new ways to leverage time and resources. We deep into the best ways to win and master the game of business while also maintaining clear vibrant energy levels as well.

Turning the Ordinary Into Extraordinary Experiences
It’s sad but true that in today’s world, the employee engagement rate has dropped below 15% on average. This means that more than 80% of people in organizations are simply showing up to show up and they are doing so at the lowest level. Organizations must learn to create a multi-dimensional culture where employees can thrive, and employees need to develop the art of lifestyle so they can turn their jobs into awesome experiences of self-expression & fulfilment.

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