Level 4: The Journey of Mastery

The more we learn and understand about ourselves the faster we grow and manifest what is important to us. The Journey of Mastery is the fourth experience in our curriculum and the opportunity to move through life with grace and ease.

The journey through our curriculum builds from Level 1, 2, 3 and now to Mastery. As you know in Level 3, The Leadership Program you stretch, you make promises and declarations and have the chance to accomplish more than ever before at work, at home and in your community.

In The Journey of Mastery you will accomplish more, be more productive and more effective but in a different way – not from the press. You will actually approach this in a peaceful, calm, reflective, balanced way. You will live your life purposefully, with joy and freedom and with a connection to your spirit and heart.

The Journey of Mastery is a journey where you immerse yourself and study the ‘Six Pillars of Living’, from which all Masters live. We are in synergy with the universe when living from these six pillars.

The Journey of Mastery takes place over 4-5 months with various weekend sessions. The sessions focus on and dig deep into the following topics :

  • A Life of Abundance
  • Master Money and Time
  • The Key to Powerful Relationships
  • Sex, Intimacy and Your Body – transform your relationship with you
  • Spirituality – Forgiveness and Gratitude
  • Living Your Legacy with Authenticity, Creativity and Peace

PREREQUISITE: Level 3, The Leadership Program.

NOTE: You can be absent for a maximum of 2 sessions. If you cannot attend one of the sessions you may attend the same session during the next round of the program – we are committed that everyone experience all 6 sessions. The tuition for The Journey of Mastery is $2,495 (payment plans available). Couples participating together may receive a discount of $200 each.

Sessions for Level 4, The Journey of Mastery:

  • Master the 17 ‘Principles of Abundance’
  • Live an experience of gratitude each and every day
  • Uncover and free yourself from what stands in your way of prospering in all areas
  • Release the hold your financial past has on you
  • Create a peaceful and balanced life of luxury
  • Become a master at CREATING time
  • Create open and honest communication and live in appreciation
  • Experience a new level of intimacy in your relationships
  • Master the practice of forgiveness, acceptance and letting go
  • Discover a new level of freedom, peace and love living in your body
  • Release any judgment, guilt or shame from your sexual experiences
  • Bring joy, passion and playfulness into your future
  • We will mentally and emotionally de-clutter your life
  • The opportunity in life is to access a spiritual transformation with grace and peace of mind
  • Your future will find you if you are willing to let go of your past
  • What defines your personal purpose? What is your contribution?
  • What will you leave behind in the hearts and minds of others?
  • Live life urgently yet with grace and peace
  • Experience the magic, joy and profound gratitude for the human being you are

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