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In addition to our core curriculum of 5 progressive levels of learning, Synergy offers various workshops for our graduate community.

Each program is offered at different times of the year with specific intentions, value, and results. Join our amazing Synergy community of leaders and world-changers as we dig deep into specific topics and life areas.

Doing the work with incredibly charismatic and successful human beings is part of what makes Synergy so special. Our Graduate Academy allows for continued connection, learning, and growth. No matter how successful we become in life, there are always gaps we can step into if we choose.

Certainty Resilience and Connection – The Next Upgrade!

– Being present – not worried.
– Exploring your historical context – how this shapes your choices.
– Nurturing what matters to you.
– Next upgrade! Family, career, health, finances, community, self-care: what are your growth areas right now?

This 2-session workshop gives you the opportunity to experience more freedom, clarity, and grounded-ness.

You will be elevating (strengthening) your ability to being and staying in the present moment while creating your future powerfully. You will expand being able to have authentic connections with people in your orbit and create satisfaction, meaning, and fulfillment.

We’ll have a focus on relationships and strengthening your foundation for your future. intimacy, connection, possibility!

We’ll bring resilience and grace back into the game.

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of  The Leadership Program – Level 3.


Workshop on Race and Other Biases


This workshop aims to approach head on, the conversation of race and other biases in our society and in our lives personally. You will bring a willingness to challenge yourself, explore your own blind spots and gain a greater appreciation for differences.

We will see diversity as the beautiful thing that it is and embrace and celebrate all differences.

Our overall Intentions for this Workshop:
– Increase intellectual levels of understanding around social justice
– Discuss how white privilege impacts people of color
– Understand how American history has impacted racial justice
– Create a safe space that allows people of color to share experiences rooted in racism
Engage your circle of relationships to become allies against racism

TUITION: $195 paid in full, non-refundable
DEPOSIT to hold spot: $195, non-refundable

Train The Trainer


This is a 6 – month “front of the room”, intensive skills training for graduates of the Synergy Journey of Mastery. Participants will increase their skill set as dynamic and powerful public speakers. They will learn to powerfully transfer the fundamental distinctions of transformation to others to open people’s eyes and provide breakthroughs.

Developing this mastery offers incredible benefits both personally and professionally. You will confront fears or doubts you may have and become natural, authentic and enrolling as you lead groups through numerous conversations of inquiry.

This program is highly beneficial for executives, business leaders, sales professionals and anyone who delivers presentations. If you’re committed to leading any part of the Synergy curriculum this is essential.

Specifically, Train the Trainer involves 5 sessions of 1 and ½ days, approximately 5 weeks apart. There will also be evening classrooms twice between these sessions. There will be one-on-one coaching, audio/visual demonstrations, video coaching with feedback, and individual work in front of the room. Train the Trainer is limited to 20 participants and through an application process.

PREREQUISITE: The Synergy Journey of Mastery.
TUITION: $2,995 paid in full, non-refundable
DEPOSIT to hold spot: $995, non-refundable

Becoming a Synergy Master Coach


The purpose for this coaching series is to train you in the foundational expertise of being a Synergy coach. While we don’t have the market cornered on all coaching skills, there are unique perspectives and ways of listening that will empower you as a coach at Synergy and everywhere in your life. This training is highly beneficial for anyone in management, counseling, human resources or any field involving the training of individuals or teams.

Program Intentions
– You will study and practice the foundation of powerful coaching
– You will create breakthrough results in your own life that are lasting and sustainable
– You will learn what it takes to be a powerful force in the lives of those around you and leave a permanent mark in their hearts and minds
– You will join an inspirational community of coaching experts and share the continuing journey of growth and impact on your own legacy

Becoming a “Synergy Master Coach” is not a series of to-do’s. It’s not tips, techniques or intellectual models. It’s immersing yourself in how to stand for another in the face of challenges or difficult circumstances. It’s the ability to create a powerful context that shifts someone’s relationship with the world around them to create lasting breakthroughs. Powerful coaching lasts and grows.

While a coaching relationship is one where you focus on the other person, it is also profoundly impactful on your own life. Synergy coaches continue to coach because they produce incredible breakthroughs in their own lives while coaching others. Being ‘on the ice’ as a coach impacts your own listening, effectiveness and results. Where in your life are you looking for a breakthrough right now? As with everything at Synergy, you will bring all of your life to this journey.

At Synergy, our commitment is to create a community of Coaches that are second to none, with a consistency of quality throughout our community.

Space is limited to 20 people so please RSVP as soon as possible. It is mandatory that you attend all 3 dates in their entirety. If you cannot make one or more please consider joining us on the next round of this training.

*Another round of this training will be running soon.

PREREQUISITE: Graduate of the Leadership Program (or currently in an LP).
COURSE SCHEDULE: This training runs from 10am – 5pm and involves interactive discussions and ‘on the court’ coaching activities with feedback to enhance your skills of listening and powerful communication.

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