Additional Programs


You will be matched with a trained and experienced coach who is committed to your success. Synergy Personal Coaches are very diverse and have years of experience working with the distinctions of living an effective and fulfilling life.

We offer 3-month programs that include coaching calls, emails and face time if possible. And we’ve made it an affordable option for everyone.

The Train the Trainer Series is a 6-month “in front of the room”, intensive skills training.

If you’re committed to leading any part of the Synergy curriculum this is essential. If you don’t have that intention but want the skills of a Synergy trainer then this is also for you. Each person can customize their experience so if you’re interested in greater mastery in business, sales, networking, transformation or any activity involving presentations from small to large group settings, this is for you.

Specifically, Train the Trainer involves 5 sessions of 1 and ½ days, approximately 5 weeks apart. There will also be evening classrooms twice between these sessions. There will be one-on-one coaching, audio/visual demonstrations, video coaching with feedback and individual work in front of the room. Train the Trainer is limited to 20 participants and through an application process.

Prerequisites : The Synergy Leadership Program
Tuition : $2,995 paid in full, non-refundable,
Deposit to hold a spot : $995, non refundable.

The Synergy Men’s Group is a program for male leadership graduates to stay connected on a regular basis to harness the power of brotherhood. The Men’s Group is an opportunity to take the conversations you’ve crafted during your Synergy journey and share authentically, openly and without judgment. to a whole new level. Men interact, relate and communicate with each other in a unique way. By bonding with other men in a team environment, you will increase your effectiveness in all areas of your life, including relationships, family, career, finances and self-image.

Prerequisites : Graduate of the Leadership Program (or currently in an LP)
Tuition : $300 for a three month commitment (The commitment is set up in three month increments. At the end of each three month increment, you will have the choice to continue for another three months or to opt out.)

Course Schedule -

  • Group Session: twice a month (Thursday evening) from 7:15 to 10:15pm
  • Once a month schedule a social outing or a community service related activity (optional).

“Enrollment is everywhere – and becoming masterful opens doors in all areas of your life.”

This one-day training will enhance your skills of enrollment and your ability to create value in every conversation. You will sharpen your listening skills and distinguish what works and what doesn’t.

You will :
  • Be more effective at producing the results you want in your career
  • Enhance your skills of communication with your family and community
  • Master conversations of enrollment into the Synergy Basic
Prerequisite : The Basic Workshop
Tuition : $50
Workday Schedule : TBD

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