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We created an amazingly powerful and deeply meaningful workshop for you to reconnect with your life – with Synergy – and with your future!

Join fellow LEADERS for a weekend of connection, breakthroughs, inspiration and fuel for an amazing year ahead!

This extraordinary weekend will focus on your home, health, finances, career, family and your community. We have Synergy grads from 10+ years ago – all the way up until today!


  • Gain the fuel to create an unbelievable 2023 and set yourself up to win!
  • Invest in the NEW future you’ve been creating!
  • Powerfully reconnect and gain support within the Synergy community with other extraordinary people!

Let’s CELEBRATE our community together!

This weekend will be the chance for us all to reconnect and FEEL THE LOVE!

Let’s EXPLORE and DISCOVER together!

It will be part workshop for growth and breakthroughs as well as a powerful launch for 2023. And it will bring the joy and the fun of being together again!

Let’s RECONNECT and re-energize all the support and partnerships we’ve built together!

The dates: TBD

The tuition: $295

The location: Manhattan

If you have any questions please reach out to Peter at [email protected]

COMPLIMENTARY – The Synergy Basic (Level 1) Refresher
We are excited to invite you to a 2-evening recap/refresh/reinvention of the Synergy Basic (Level 1) distinctions!
During these times we could all use a little “refresher”! These 2 evenings are open to any Graduate who has completed the Synergy Basic (Level 1) or beyond and will be offered via Zoom.
What are the intentions?
– Are you looking for a distinction tune up?
– Has it been a while since you did the Basic (Level 1) Workshop?
– What new breakthroughs in your effectiveness are you looking to create NOW?
– Time has passed and things in our lives change, would you like to bring back to life the power of the Basic (Level 1) day to day?
Join the Synergy community as we revisit and re-distinguish the Basic (Level 1) powerfully together.
Prerequisite: The Synergy Basic (Level 1)
Tuition: Complimentary (for both evenings)
Dates: TBD
Note: ALL GRADUATES: To register online, from the Home Page please login (top right) FIRST, then proceed to register for the Refresher. If you need to reset your password you can do it there.
ALSO, Both evenings are recommended (but not required) for attendance.

In all areas of life where performance counts, coaching is a key to success.

We offer personalized, flexible and impactful one-on-one coaching with our Advanced Course Trainer and Master Coach, Angel. He will help you ground yourself in all you’ve learned at Synergy as well as build a powerful future to come. He will work with you to bring out your highest possibility and challenge you to achieve your best results!

We recommend a 3-month commitment to truly build breakthrough results.

Here’s what you will gain:

  • bring more success into your life
  • create a personal development plan
  • live your fullest life
  • create balance, abundance and joy every day

Let’s begin NOW building your new future and living powerfully.

The Greece Level 1 Workshop is a series of masterfully conceived and executed workshops – always delivered with heart. The leaders create a safe, confidential space and lay out a framework for inquiry for participants who hail from all cultural, racial and religious backgrounds, ages and levels of academic and professional accomplishments. In a relatively short time, through a combination of discussions that pose questions, never answers, experiential exercises and feedback from the coaches and participants, attendees develop powerful, personal and transformational insights.
It’s the best gift you will ever give yourself.

The Greece Level 1 Workshop is a laboratory for self-discovery and awareness that is engaging, exciting and lasting. This journey includes breakthrough processes, creative and engaging interactions, life-altering exercises and personalized coaching. We address issues that impact us all such as trust, personal awareness, effective listening and blind spots that get in our way. You experience forgiveness, make peace with your past and live with gratitude and grace. We are all a product of our personal journey through culture, media, gender, age, health, etc. You will ‘clean house’ and let go of anything that’s holding you back.

This is a life-defining experience that you will never forget! You will break through anything that is standing in your way and step in to the powerful future you have dreamed of. The Advanced Course is an exhilarating and inspiring environment led by a highly skilled trainer and staff providing focused and impactful coaching that gets to the heart of what’s important. Ask someone who’s been through the Advanced Course and you will understand it’s a turning point in the most exciting way. You will live your life from what is possible, not from what is predictable. The Advanced Course promises to stretch you beyond your imagination – in ways only you can experience first-hand.

The Advanced Course begins where Level 1 left off. This intensive and highly experiential workshop reaches deep into and gives you lasting facility with distinctions of leadership and teamwork. It is a way to take charge now rather than waiting for luck or circumstance to propel you forward.

Each of us has had moments when something of crucial importance suddenly became vividly clear, the changes necessary to accomplishing it were right before us, and we took swift and effective action. Imagine the passion and power available if we could live our whole life with that kind of clarity. The Advanced Course gives access to that.

The hours are as follows:
Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat from 13:00 – 22:00. Sun from 13:00 – 18:00 and Thur from 20:00 – 23:00

Tuition: US $450

The Leadership Program supports you to integrate the powerful principles of leadership into your everyday practices. This high-energy training includes one-on-one coaching, workshop sessions, a residential retreat and other gatherings that enable you to meet and exceed your stated goals, creating what before seemed impossible.

It is structured as follows :

  • The Program begins with a Kick-Off Weekend
  • 4 Classrooms follow this every 1-2 weeks
  • Mid-way through there is the “Play to Win” Saturday or Sunday
  • Another 4 classrooms follow this every 1-2 weeks
  • We complete this 3-month journey with a Residential “Retreat”

Join us for a 2-evening workshop to powerfully reflect, renew, and recreate.

We have lived in singular times, individually and collectively, over the last 15 months. 

As our cities begin to open, we have an opportunity to stand powerfully and acknowledge our lives.

What has it taken to get to this moment? What has been gained and lost? How do you know yourself and life today as a result?

When you address and account for the past powerfully, you make space for what is new and possible.  

What realities would you want to create in this opening?  What would being on the ice look like for you now?

In the face of life-changing events, attention, compassion, commitment and vision are needed. 

Join our community, as we do the work to acknowledge, complete and create what is next for each of us, from a future that is possible by declaration.

Dates: New Dates will be coming Soon
Hours: 7 – 10:30pm
Tuition: FREE
Prerequisite: Completed at least the Synergy Basic or Level 1, Breakthroughs to Success

All LP Graduates are invited!

  • Calling all LP Graduates who want support creating breakthroughs!
  • Calling all LP Graduates who are committed to living an extraordinary life!
  • Calling all LP Graduates who valued living inside of “what / by-when”
  • Calling all LP Graduates who are willing to take a stand for each other and produce AMAZING together!

Synergy Education is offering a free LP community connection focused on results and impact. The Accountability Cohort is a 3-month structure where you will create and live inside of a new LOA. We will meet each month from 7-10pm and these meetings are mandatory.


Who is this for?

LP Graduates who will join others and work together to make profound change?

Having an Accountability Partner that will empower the results you want and produce?

Remember your breakthrough results in LP – do you want more?

As a member of the Accountability Cohort, you will create breakthrough results over the next 3 months of your life in the LOA areas:

Family & Friends

Transformation through Enrollment


Career & Education

Well – Being (Physical and Spiritual)



  • This will be a 3 month-long (approximately) connection
  • Meetings will occur 1 time per month (approximately from 7 – 10pm)
  • You will be responsible to create and participate in a bi-weekly “meeting” with your accountability partners

“Enrollment is everywhere – and becoming masterful opens doors in all areas of your life.”

This one-evening training will enhance your ability to create value in every conversation and get more YES’s! You will sharpen your listening skills and distinguish what works and what doesn’t.

You will leap forward with your career, family relationships and all areas in your life that involve relationships.

You will:
Be more effective at producing the results you want in your career
Enhance your skills of communication with your family and community
Master conversations of enrollment into Synergy’s Level 1, Breakthroughs to Success


This workshop aims to approach head on, the conversation of race and other biases in our society and in our lives personally. You will bring a willingness to challenge yourself, explore your own blind spots and gain a greater appreciation for differences.

We will see diversity as the beautiful thing that it is and embrace and celebrate all differences.

Our overall Intentions for this Workshop:
– Increase intellectual levels of understanding around social justice
– Discuss how white privilege impacts people of color
– Understand how American history has impacted racial justice
– Create a safe space that allows people of color to share experiences rooted in racism
– Engage your circle of relationships to become allies against racism

Prerequisites : None
Tuition : $195 paid in full, non-refundable
Deposit to hold a spot : $195, non-refundable

This is a 6 – month “front of the room”, intensive skills training for graduates of the Synergy Journey of Mastery. Participants will increase their skill set as dynamic and powerful public speakers. They will learn to powerfully transfer the fundamental distinctions of transformation to others to open people’s eyes and provide breakthroughs.

Developing this mastery offers incredible benefits both personally and professionally. You will confront fears or doubts you may have and become natural, authentic and enrolling as you lead groups through numerous conversations of inquiry.

This program is highly beneficial for executives, business leaders, sales professionals and anyone who delivers presentations. If you’re committed to leading any part of the Synergy curriculum this is essential.

Specifically, Train the Trainer involves 5 sessions of 1 and ½ days, approximately 5 weeks apart. There will also be evening classrooms twice between these sessions. There will be one-on-one coaching, audio/visual demonstrations, video coaching with feedback and individual work in front of the room. Train the Trainer is limited to 20 participants and through an application process.

Prerequisites : The Synergy Journey of Mastery
Tuition : $2,995 paid in full, non-refundable
Deposit : $995, non-refundable

Becoming a Synergy Master Coach
The purpose for this coaching series is to train you in the foundational expertise of being a Synergy coach. While we don’t have the market cornered on all coaching skills, there are unique perspectives and ways of listening that will empower you as a coach at Synergy and everywhere in your life. This training is highly beneficial for anyone in management, counseling, human resources or any field involving the training of individuals or teams.
Program Intentions
– You will study and practice the foundation of powerful coaching
– You will create breakthrough results in your own life that are lasting and sustainable
– You will learn what it takes to be a powerful force in the lives of those around you and leave a permanent mark in their hearts and minds
– You will join an inspirational community of coaching experts and share the continuing journey of growth and impact on your own legacy

Becoming a “Synergy Master Coach” is not a series of to-do’s. It’s not tips, techniques or intellectual models. It’s immersing yourself in how to stand for another in the face of challenges or difficult circumstances. It’s the ability to create a powerful context that shifts someone’s relationship with the world around them to create lasting breakthroughs. Powerful coaching lasts and grows.

While a coaching relationship is one where you focus on the other person, it is also profoundly impactful on your own life. Synergy coaches continue to coach because they produce incredible breakthroughs in their own lives while coaching others. Being ‘on the ice’ as a coach impacts your own listening, effectiveness and results. Where in your life are you looking for a breakthrough right now? As with everything at Synergy, you will bring all of your life to this journey.

At Synergy, our commitment is to create a community of Coaches that are second to none, with a consistency of quality throughout our community.

Space is limited to 20 people so please RSVP as soon as possible. It is mandatory that you attend all 3 dates in their entirety. If you cannot make one or more please consider joining us on the next round of this training.


Dates for Becoming a Synergy Master Coach
Another round of this training will be running soon.

Prerequisites : Graduate of the Leadership Program (or currently in an LP)

Course Schedule : This training runs from 10am – 5pm and involves interactive discussions and ‘on the court’ coaching activities with feedback to enhance your skills of listening and powerful communication.

Tuition : Free

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