Renaissance Man

  • Age: 60 (feel like 40)
  • Occupation: Senior Systems Engineer (in between jobs)
  • Nationality: US born and bred
  • Lives in NY, Utah, NC, AL (in the present)
  • Family: Almost Single (4 Step, 4 Bio, 3 Adopted)
  • Hobbies: Writing and Painting

I’ve recast and renamed one of my paintings. It depicts one hand in a higher, well-lit place reaching down to another hand in a lower, darker place. Both are reaching. This painting represents the kind of experience I had at Synergy Education.  It’s a course designed to do amazing things on an individual, personal level only you can experience for yourself.  I’ve been touched by many rich and wonderful spiritual experiences in my life and written thousands of pages that share those experiences, but

This one experiential,
non-religious workshop has opened up an entirely new world to me
filled with possibilities and opportunities.  

To those who know and love me, I can’t say enough good about the value of what I have only begun to learn about myself and life as it really should be.  Visit for more info.

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