Synergy Legacy


Each year, Synergy graduates choose a global destination and create new possibilities in that nation by contributing resources, time, and energy addressing both immediate and ongoing needs in the chosen community. Our goal is to serve in whatever capacity is wanted and needed for the area by actively contributing (we will go in and build a school, clean up a nature-ravaged community, coordinate with existing agencies, etc).

We believe that through compassion, contribution, and being in committed action we will create connection, courage, and transformation throughout the community. The result of Synergy Legacy’s philanthropic work in the chosen nation is a renewed and empowered world in which everyone knows that they matter.

Our commitment is to address the needs of the chosen community and in doing so, be one giant step forward in the mission to create a more just and peaceful world.

South Africa! The destination chosen by our graduate body this year is South Africa! We are thrilled to work in coordination with Synergy Legacy Haiti. We will be working with public school students and community members in this township of Pretoria in partnership with African Youth Outreach. African Youth Outreach is a nonprofit, non-governmental, secular organization formed with the aim of sustained HIV education of at-risk children and young adults in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa.

Keep in mind this trip is Tax Deductible for many!!!

Before this, Synergy Legacy chose to travel to the nation of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. This country has been ravaged by earthquake, flood, disease, corrupt politicians, and a devastated infrastructure. All of this has taken its toll on the physical, emotional, and financial status of the Haitian people. Synergy Legacy Haiti has a vision in which all participants of the team are committed to “creating a connection, courage, and transformation by bringing love, contribution, joy, and abundance for a renewed and empowered Haiti.”

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