– Are you 6 months or more into your recovery?

– Do you want to jump start your recovery, and fast track to a life of fulfillment?

– Are you looking for help drawing the map back to the life and career you intended?

– Are you ready to further discover yourself, and learn to utilize what you find to maximize who you are?

– Join us for a 3 month experiential journey!

This course is designed to give you the tools, through education and experience, to help you construct your own brand of personal leadership and cultivate purpose and effectiveness. Space is extremely limited so APPLY NOW!


Program Structure:

– Kickoff, 2-Day Session

– 3 weekly evening sessions covering practical coaching and training on life design opportunities

– Midterm, 2-Day Session (including an outdoor challenge, ‘Ropes’ day)

– 3 weekly evening sessions covering practical coaching and training on life design opportunities

– Finish Line, 2-Day Session


What will I get out of it?

– Everyone will have a personal coach/mentor throughout this 3 month journey

– Create an inspired future for all areas of life not just defined through recovery

– Become a more effective and powerful communicator

– Heighten creativity, live with passion and learn to champion the possibilities of others

– Be part of a powerful, loving and supportive community that challenges you to be your ‘best self’ from a loving place

– Generate the foundation for effective teamwork

– Infuse all of your relationships with integrity, caring and commitment


Program Dates: TBD

For details such as location, course availability, and fees, please contact:

If you know someone in recovery who may benefit from this please share this information with them.


Please note this is not an outpatient or treatment facility.  We are not affiliated with any programs of recovery nor is this program designed to be one, it is meant to supplement whatever path you chose to help maintain your recovery.

The tuition is $600 – payable $200 per month. There is a qualification process. Scholarships are available by request.