The Examined Life

I lived for 29 years before understanding that who I am and what I do matters. My journey with Synergy opened possibilities for genuine, intentional communication with my family and friends – specifically with my three half brothers and father. Being raised an only child by a single mother, I protected myself with a shield of mistrust and disconnectedness. I allowed my disappointment towards my father to dictate many of my choices, and I only learned about my half brothers as an adult. As a result of my journey, I have created closure in my relationship with my father and trust with my half brothers. 

Synergy Education has given me the gift of choice and my loved ones the gift of faith. Although we live in different parts of the country, I choose to be connected, open, and trusting because I believe that true power comes from being vulnerable enough to believe and act with no expectation of reciprocity from others. Today I speak with my brothers confidently and lovingly, because I know that I matter to them as much as they matter to me.  

Another valuable takeaway from my journey is that there is no value in being right when everything is wrong. Throughout my life, I prided myself in being right within mistrust and disconnectedness. 

I have created passion, love, humility, and reflection, transforming mere moments into opportunities for shifting perspective and growth. 

I no longer run or hide from the “wrong” for the sake of being right, which is as empowering as it is rewarding.

The last and most important aspect of my life that has opened up is the potential for romantic love. By creating closure in my relationship with my father, I have let go of assumptions and learned to love responsibly. For once in my life, I have faith, true self-worth, and purpose. I matter. I can be loved. I can give love and will do so always. I look forward to continuing my journey as a connected, open, and trusting woman who loves boldly, responsibly, and unconditionally.

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