The Synergy workshops: give yourself a gift.

What happens when a mother of five takes three days in the middle of life and goes to a workshop? You won’t guess. Written By Anat Shapira on 16 March 2014 So what exactly happened there? More than a week after … Continue reading

THE POWER OF CHOICE – Making My Own Life-Changing Decisions

As seen in the April  – May 2013 Issue of Image Magazine THE OLD SAYING THAT “YOU HAVE TO GET THROUGH THE HARD STUFF TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE” IS SO TRUE The story of my last year is one I love … Continue reading

FAMILY TRANSFORMING… From Old Roles to New Relationships

As seen in the February  – March 2013 Issue of Image Magazine OUR FAMILY DYNAMICS CHANGED DRAMATICALLY ELEVEN YEARS AGO WHEN OUR MOTHER WAS DIAGNOSED WITH PANCREATIC CANCER. Loving, close, vivacious — these are all words that could be used to describe the Bavero family, consisting … Continue reading

Cop’s boot gift leads more people to help homeless

As seen in the New York Post The city’s homeless experienced a boost in random acts of kindness yesterday as people were inspired to do good by the story of the hero NYPD cop who bought boots for a barefoot, … Continue reading

TRANSFORMING… From Perceptions to Possibilities.

As seen in the December  – January 2012 Issue of Image Magazine WE ENGAGED IN AN EXERCISE THAT OPENED MY EYES TO SOME OF THE WAYS IN WHICH I HAD BEEN “SHOWING UP” IN MY LIFE – Have you ever felt “stuck” … Continue reading


As seen in the October – November 2012 Issue of Image Magazine THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE LIFE BY MY OWN DESIGN My name is Nancy Davidson, and I am a graduate of Synergy Education LP4. As I share with you … Continue reading


As seen in the August 2012 Issue of Image Magazine AN EMPOWERED BREAKDOWN IS ACKNOWLEDGING FAILURE BUT BRUSHING YOURSELF OFF AND TRYING A NEW APPROACH In the past two issues I have written about the road to Transformation and what … Continue reading


As seen in the June/July 2012 Issue of Image Magazine WE ARE NOT ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR OURSELVES BUT FOR OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, OUR COMMUNITY AND THE WORLD AROUND US In the April issue I introduced you to the Basic Workshop … Continue reading

“If It’s to Be – It’s Up to Me”…

As seen in the April/May 2012 Issue of Image Magazine Who would have known 6 months ago that this would be my daily mantra. This is what gets me out of bed each day and gives me the inspiration to … Continue reading

Training for the Massachusetts Police Department

The first training for the Massachusetts Police Department! There were 24 Captains, Lieutenants, Sargeants and others and it was an extraordinary experience that was rich and valuable. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Andrew McKenna for standing for this … Continue reading